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If anyone saw the earlier version of the post, I apologize. I thought I had deleted it. I was going to bash Discovery again with another link pointing out how other people are having problems, too.

I will bring up one of the more reasonable points. One commenter was irked that a non-Trekkie was so dismissive of Trekkies being so obsessed with continuity, pointing out that such things in other fandoms are seemingly more acceptable. In particular, someone who cares about the details in a historical reenactment. I would expand this to other fandoms as well. Awhile back I linked to a blog about someone who cares whether or not the typography used in movies is accurate to the time period being depicted.

Movie studios spend billions of dollars every year making sure that the clothes are accurate, the weapons are accurate, the signage is accurate, the accents and vocabulary in the dialogue is accurate. To the ignorant who bash Trekkie passion, these things may seem like wastes of time. After all, isn't this a waste of money for things that the casual viewer won't notice? No, it's not.

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