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Heh, no you're not crazy (at least not in this regard) I did send you a couple of messages in Facebook... my email kept rejecting me when I tried to send emails to you. Anyways, at the moment I am trying to recruit voice actors. Bascially I'm going to find poeple who can best imitate the characters' style (inflections, rhythm, pitch etc), rather than an near-exactly copy. I hope that this will add to the parody. Rather than have people go.. "Hey that's nothing like Janeway".. but instead say "Hey it's not Janeway but it sounds sorta like the way she talks, and this person makes her super funny".

Cross fingers.

I'll probably be set-and-character-building for a while. However if you guys find any good/half-decent character models on the Sims 2 Exchange or Sims 2 related websites that are of the Voyager crew or any sort of alien, throw us a link to save me making them from scratch. Even if they're only vauge resemblance post anyway and I can work with it. (Not assuming that any of you would frequent those kind of sites, but y'know if you happen to stumble across something..).
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