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I'd already decided six months ago that getting a Gamecube would be a waste of money, since a Revolution will do everything that the 'Cube can, except use a Gameboy Player, which I'm very interested in. I wonder if they could sell Gameboy games through Virtual Console. Not Gameboy Advance games, of course, those are still on the market, but there are some nice original Gameboy games that'd be nice to have, and they'd be cheaper than Nintendo games, too.

Oh, and I have right here the free prerelease brochure from Best Buy. Here are some funny and/or intriguing quotes from it:

"The Wii revolution begins! Maybe it's name is funny, but Nintendo could be laughing all the way to the bank with its next-generation console."
See what they did there? "Wii revolution?" I'll have to send Best Buy the bill to fix the stiches in my side from all that laughing.

"Nintendo believes game controllers have become too complicated for the average non-gaming citizen. By reducing the number of buttons and enabling intuition to control the game, it hopes to create a less-intimidating pick up and play approchability for Wii games."
Uh, I know they want to attract people outside the teen boy and teen-at-heart young guy markets, and I also realize that the original Nintendo was abosolutely groundbreaking with only five buttons on the controller, but you don't see Playstation and Xbox losing money, do you?

Now, an aside about the Virtual Console. Using the figures in the brochure, the price of an NES game is $5, SNES $8, and N64 $10. I can see the rationale for this, but it just seems to me that just like all games aren't created equal, maybe the prices shouldn't either. Think about it: tweak the graphics on Super Mario 3 and they could probably charge a LOT more than $5. On the same hand, there are a lot of N64 games that people don't think are worth a buck apiece. At the local pawn shop guess what the N64 games were? At least nine out of ten of them were sporting games. I suppose they just won't offer a plethora of sporting games on Virtual Console, but what about stuff like Turok and Sarge's Army Men? There might be people willing to shell out three bucks, but not ten. Nintendo might be gouging themselves here. For that matter, I know there should be a lot of people willing to pay more for legacy games if they're turned into enhanced remakes. For example, it'd be nice to finally get a legal All Bonds option for GoldenEye. I suppose that even though all four actors are alive it's really up to Broccoli Productions, the Fleming estate, and a lot, I mean a LOT of lawyers.

"You literally draw back the remote like you would a bowstring and then release your arrow by pressing the trigger. The sound of the arrow flying from bow to target comes across as an audio effect from a tiny mic housed in the Wii remote."
Um, I think that would be "tiny speaker." Hey, I'm a nitpicker!

Oh, and one picture shows the four tiny lights on the Wiimote showing who's Player One, Player Two, etc. Gotta wonder if you can choose which Wiimote's which, or if you gotta play Hot Wiimote to get the right one.
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