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Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm View Post
I don't know if I'll be able to get down to Vancouver. I've got to get my lectures sorted out plus line up a place to stay for June 1st (staying with my parents for May, and I'm not about to make my girlfriend live in my parents' basement when I have a real job). I wouldn't rule it out entirely, but I can't commit to anything concrete at this point.

As far as things to do in might check out Wreck Beach. *evil grin*
I looked that up. :P

Be a shame if we miss each other, but on the other hand, you seem kinda busy! Obviously I understand; ordinarily I realise I'd pretty much be like visiting royalty, but William & Kate have ruined that for me at least for the next year or two.

Maverick: I fully expect every single shop in Canada to stock nothing but maple syrup, so naturally I would like nothing more than to visit a mall full of shops that sell maple syrup! I mean, it's my understanding that Canadians have evolved into a kind of tree-vampire, so it makes sense that their shops wouldn't sell anything else.
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