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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
I'm a fan of RPG dice too, as is the Pi Day girl. I recently helped her with an interesting little probability question: whether 1d8+1 beats 2d4+1 or not. There's a really neat way to look at it which gives the answer immediately; I'll post it here later. (I also shocked her with the information that if you hit the right comic store, you can get dice really cheap.)
Wow, it really is that serious. :P

What I think you should do is print out every single fiver, pin them to a wall, and then throw a dart while blindfolded to determine which one you link to. Of course, to make it totally random you need to get someone to shuffle them all around each time just before you throw the dart, and to reduce any possible bias even further you should alternate rooms in a randomly determined pattern. In fact, you should probably alternate buildings to be on the safe side.
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