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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
Mothership: *LOOMS*

SETI Computer: You've got mail!
Supervisor: Oh, great. More prawns?
SETI Guy: No. The signal is coming from inside the house!
Everyone: GASP!
SETI Guy: Just kidding. Actually, the signal is coming from the Moon!

SecDef: A signal? From the moon? Is it the whalers? The whalers on the moon? I hate those guys.
Military Guy:: Uh, no. There ain't no whales on the moon.
SecDef: Are you sure? They carry harpoons you know. I'm not tellin' tall tales. The whalers on the moon.
Military Guy:: Will you stop saying that!
I think that's a pretty good edit.

I wonder if anyone ever says "Get me the Prime Minister of Canada!" in a dramatic movie voice?
Mason: Luckily we at the Agency use use a high-tech piece of software that will let us spot him instantly via high-res satellite images.
Sergeant: You can? That's amazing!
Mason: Yes. We call it 'Google Earth'.
- Five Minute 24 S1 (it lives, honest!)

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