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So here's my thoughts, separate from the main post because that's how I roll:

- The first scene shows the Enterprise-D in all its glory, in great CG. I may or may not have squee'd at it.
- I know Disney owns a lot of the tech, but couldn't they have at least tried to de-age Spiner a bit? He was really showing his age there, and it took me out of it.
- I am a sucker for dogs, and it was nice to see a friendly pit bull. I was genuinely wondering if it's Patrick Stewart's actual dog, I had heard he adopted one.
- The connections with Discovery were subtle, but appreciated. For example, the boyfriend who got offed, nice to see that Xaheans make it to the cusp of the 25th century; Queen Po would eat ice cream in approval.
- The interview was probably the best few minutes of television I have seen in a few years, and great commentary on contemporary media's inherent bias.
- Nice callback to Bruce Maddox. He was almost forgotten in Trek, basically getting one episode and a few mentions later on.
- Also, kudos for showing B-4.
- Seriously, why'd they kill Dahj? I was just starting to like her when she was blown up.
- I know it's the same actress, and the whole twin duality thing is central to the positronic brain creation, but geez, was it jarring to see two different takes.
- The Borg cube reclamation site is interesting, and I would like to see more.

Only real change to canon is that they don't mention Hobus at all, the star that was identified in the reboot movies as being destroyed. They sort of retconned it to be the Romulan star.
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