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I've heard Canadian plans lock you in for 3 years. Standard US plan is 2 years.

I love Android phones, and I'm borrowing a friend's currently. Android appeals to the developer in me since you can write applications for it for your own use. I'd love to get one for my own, but my current plan with Verizon is voice only and Verizon is expensive when you start adding on data and everything else, so I'm probably going to have to suck up having a non-cool phone for the time being. Oh well.

Is having the plan worth it? For me it depends on the situation. When I had the Android phone on a plan (I don't anymore), I had two out-of-town trips going on back-to-back, and I found the phone very useful. I could use it for GPS navigation, I could use it to locate nearby stores, I could use it to check email from the long car trip, etc. But when the trips were over, I didn't use the data plan as much. I have wifi at work and at home and my normal week involves me pretty much being in either one place or the other where I have laptops that do a whole lot more than the pecking I did on the phone. There were still some times when it was useful around town, but just not as many. So how much value it has to you depends on your circumstances.
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