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Oh driving's easy, really. I'm sure you could do it. All you have to do is try. Sure, getting away might be a bit tricky. You have to do it carefully, or the car might decide not to want to leave. But you can just try again. Once you have the hang of that, it's easy.

Now driving safely might be a bit harder.
~Bachelor of Science Marijke

I'm not the devil, I just work for her.

What spoon? There is no spoon. According to Zeke, it's a cat. ~NeoMatrix

"Apparently we're on the wrong side. Or the right side if you like winning." ~Spike

Sa'ar Chasm: Too far south you hit Belgium.
catalina marina: Not in Limburg you don't.
Sa'ar Chasm: You do if you go south in the right way.
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