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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
I've been meaning to conduct this little survey for ages. The tenth anniversary seems like a good time for it.

1. Which subsite(s) do you most look forward to new material from?
Doctor Who (I'm working on my contribution toward that, but it's coming slowly), DS9, videogames if I've played them, BSG and B5.

2. Which current show(s) would you most like to see covered at (Current means either running right now or renewed for next season.)
To be honest, I watch very little TV at the moment beyond Doctor Who, let alone sci-fi. SG:U has turned out to be a rather disappointing pseudoclone of BSG. Some more 5 Minute Shakespeare would be good. Any interest in Five-Minute The Castle of Otranto?

3. What other show(s), etc., would you like to see us do? (Etc. meaning not just shows; this is where you can suggest other stuff like books and videogames.)
Faction Paradox, but I'm probably one of about two people in this thread who knows what that is. And I have almost know idea how to parody it.
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