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God I'm just....,...,..,.,., I can not stand the wait. It's out on the 11th of next month over here. I've never been so excited about a console. It looks truely amazing. It's got so many new exciting bits and bobs on it.
I did think about importing it, but I think part of the fun is the going down and getting it from the shop. Waiting in line. Talking to other people about it. Plus the shops are opening at midnight, and it's gonna be all christmasy too. And then I'll hand the money over, and then pick the games and then open the box...And, and, AND !

Breath...Breath...Breath. And relax.

Seriously, I've almost at the point of having to sit down and breath into a bag everytime I see adverts on TV.
I really think this is gonna be huge. I hope it is. Because Nintendo deserve to be on top again, for once. I'm not anti-PS3 or Xbox or anything. But what ever you think about Nintendo, you can't say they don't try new things. And come up with some fantastic ideas. Analog Sticks? (Yeah I know they weren't quite the first) Rumble packs? Four controller ports on a console? Touch screen control? Microphone enhanced games? Free Online Gaming? Old Game download system? Flipping amazing wireless controllering thingy that will change how we play games?
And the line up is just......
Zelda! In a launch line up!
Mario soon....
Smash brothers...
Metroid.... (Can not wait)

Plus...Plus! That free Wii Sports!!!!! Fantastic.

Yeah, so I might get one.
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