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So my new title IS clever, but I'm wondering if it's a little TOO clever. After all, a Dopefish can only think "Swim, swim, hungry," so it wouldn't have the capability to think anythink else. It's not smart enough. Hence, "Dopefish." But I suppose Zeke thinks I'd make a particularly smart Dopefish. Or, considering that my fish can't even keep three things straight in his mind, a particularly stupid Dopefish. I guess it's your call. (There's a poll, huh? "Does Zeke think Nate the Great would make a smart or a stupid Dopefish? Yes. No.")

P.S. A LONG time ago I wanted to make an avatar that was a cycling list of instructions:

1. How to be an official Dopefish in Three Easy Steps.
2. Swim (Dopefish swims to the right).
3. Swim (Dopefish swims to the left).
4. Hungry (Dopefish looks to camera and opens mouth).
5. Congratulations! You are now an official Dopefish! (Dopefish burps)

Unfortunately, the images would be cut and pasted from a banner from another site, and my spriting skills aren't sufficient enough to do anything beyond cropping and scaling, so the words would've been REALLY tiny on the avatar. Sad, really.
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