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So Nog stays on at DS9 after the war...

PNQ: Why wasn't he sent back to Starfleet Academy to finish his training?

He started at the Academy after "Little Green Men", 2372, stardate not given but somewhere around 49000 given surrounding episodes. By the time of "Homefront"/"Paradise Lost" (49170.65/49364) he's at the Academy and has been there for a semester or so.

(FYI, I find it odd that the two-parter would take place over 70 days, is it seriously too hard to block out specific stardates for each episode at the start of the season and then tweak them later depending on how long each story is supposed to take in-universe?)

He returns to the station for "The Darkness and the Light", 2373, Stardate 50416.2. So he was only at the Academy for a year.

While one might wonder how much equivalent credit he can get through station duty, my mind also goes to Wesley. Wesley was essentially a senior officer for over two years before he even started at the Academy, and it certainly seemed like he still had to do the full four years (or shall we say five after "The First Duty").
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