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Hey Nate, do you remember the Strange Candy reference I once made at this site?

Originally Posted by AKAArzosah View Post
The Impossible Quiz: be prepared to waste several hours. Whoever originally gave me this link must die.
Not before you die for passing it on. Fortunately, the MegaMan Battle Network games have given me good practice with quizzes that pointlessly force you to start over again and again.

Seriously, while it's very annoying, it's also just the kind of humour I like. It reminds me of the classic adventure games like Space Quest. (In fact, the same method of solution is applicable: you can eventually win by trying every possible click.)

Mathematicians and geeks in general love this sort of trickery, so I've been making good speed through the questions. Do you know how many there are? I'm calling it quits for tonight at 63 or so.

(Two points for anyone else trying the quiz. One, a little knowledge of 4chan running jokes will serve you well. Two, don't try to cheat with Tab. The game boots you if you do, sorta like how adventure games would punish you for swearing into the interpreter or using information your character doesn't have yet.)
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