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Season five of Breaking Bad premiered yesterday, so I took the opportunity to advertise this fiver. (I also whipped up a new image for the page.)

While I'm here, a couple of things I meant to answer before...

THree Weeks EarLier
(Most Viewers: Huh?)
Hydrogen, Tungsten, Lithium? I suppose it could be a tungsten hydride of some sort.
It's a reference to how they do the credits in the show. Each name has at least one elemental symbol emphasized; the main cast are Bryan Cranston, AnNa Gunn, AAron Paul, and so on. It's cute, but I'm betting at least half the audience doesn't get it.

Haven't seen the show (though I've heard it talked up as well). Did you like it?
Yes and no. I'm halfway through Season 2 so far; it's very good television, no question, but I don't really enjoy watching it. The heart of the show is Walt and the path his decisions lead him down. Apparently the writers' goal was to start with him sympathetic and make him gradually less so. Didn't work for me -- I despise Walt, and have from day one. He's like the Platonic ideal of dealing with your problems wrong. His noble goal of making enough money to support his family justifies everything: hurting people with the drugs he makes, keeping Pinkman stuck in a life he wants to escape, rejecting friends' kindness, kidnapping and killing people, telling lies within lies within lies... and most pathetic of all, driving away the very family he's doing it all for. He's using what little remains of his own life to make everyone else's hell.

I still have a couple of seasons to catch up on, so my opinion may change. But I've never related to Walt -- and I'm appalled at the idea that I should.
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