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Oliver: Sleeping with my mom, eh, Walter?
Moira: Oliver! Don't act all clever for figuring that out. We were making no real effort to hide it.
Walter: Your mother and I are married now, actually.
Oliver: Well, I hope you thought to end the vows with "till at least five years after death do us part", 'cause clearly Dad should have! *storms out*
Thea: Wait. Wait! Mom, you didn't just marry Walter, you're sleeping with him?!

You're way hardier than Laurel.
Ah, there it is.

Oliver: Cool, me neither. I have a gift for you from the island. It is a Hozen, and those who have one are Hozers.
Thea: What, a pointy rock? We have a bunch like this in the yard.
Oliver: Those are just garden Hozens.
Ohh boy.
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