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Third episode down.

- Picard's line in the sand moment, when Starfleet accepted his resignation rather than support the modified rescue plan, was heartbreaking.
- Commodore Oh might want to learn that black Ray Bans basically scream, "I'm with a secret organization! Look at meeeeeee!"
- Also, fix your pips, Oh. So annoying.
- Ugh, vaping in the 24th century.
- Does anyone else want to hug Alison Pill's character? Just me? Damn.
- The Romulans still don't believe in a stun setting. They may be overdramatic, but they're consistent.
- Hi, Hugh.
- Sad to see what former drones look like when they are not brought out of the Collective in a safe and secure environment.
- Well, Picard has his crew together now, save a few. I thought his Romulan farm hands were coming along too, but I guess not. Pity, I like the female one.
- "Engage!"
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