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April 11

Oops! I just realized one of the scenes I wrote is missing. I've added it now -- it's the second last on the page. (The scenes are only loosely ordered, by the way.)

On a related note, Katy Jane pointed out to me that most of the Tenth Doctor fivers were missing. This was an accidental result of my thorough spring cleaning of the site a while back. I've restored them now -- let me know if anything else is AWOL. [EDIT: Katy Jane's pointed out that the other fivers from the anniversary event are missing. I'll restore them when I get home.]

Originally Posted by Infinite Improbability View Post
DISCLAIMER: This story steps on the lawns of just about everybody. Know what? I'm not sorry. I'd do it again.
If only I was that confident.
Ironically, that was the wrong disclaimer. I have a different one I use for Easter egg-type things. The one you quoted is originally from "The Disbanding 2." (Writing this was a similar experience.)

Have you noticed the disclaimer I use for Zelda fivers, by the way?
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