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Nice, Zeke. Topical, and full of angst.

Originally Posted by AKAArzosah View Post
Really? Not another time-travel glitch, please...
I'll field this one.


No it isn't no it isn't no it isn't shut up

An alternate Doctor Who scene is called for before Valium's head explodes. Again, I mean.

Doctor: Where did you get all those?
Leela: I took part in a strange ritual - at first I thought it was to teach children vital hunting skills, but all they were looking for is these shiny egg things. A pretty poor sort of prey really; and they weren't even armed!
Doctor: Leela, it's not that sort of hunt.
Leela: But what other sort is there? At least I was able to show them how to make a simple garotte and what things are suitable for clubbing with.
Doctor: ...Oh dear.
Mason: Luckily we at the Agency use use a high-tech piece of software that will let us spot him instantly via high-res satellite images.
Sergeant: You can? That's amazing!
Mason: Yes. We call it 'Google Earth'.
- Five Minute 24 S1 (it lives, honest!)

"Everybody loves pie!"
- Spongebob Squarepants
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