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Originally Posted by MmeBlueberry View Post
I'm teaching math starting in the fall. ...Gotta figure out new excuses for showing Trek clips in class.
Warp speed is calculated in logarithms.

Tribbles should be good for exponents.

The late Star Trek: The Magazine actually used to do filler articles on the percentage of episodes where various stereotypical events happened, like Kirk getting his shirt ripped, Voyager losing a shuttlecraft, Kirk getting the girl, etc. That's charts/statistics.

Bajor used a 26-hour clock, IIRC; that's a basis for teaching "clock math," or introducing the concept of base-something-other-than-10.

Instead of the usual "A train leaves Chicago at 3pm..." try "Enterprise leaves Vulcan on stardate 47523.1 traveling at warp 3..."
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