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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
make Rick Berman a consultant or something
No, no, no.

Zeke, I know how fond you were of the Bs, but Berman and Braga are burned out on Trek. We need fresh blood. We need fresh minds, people who are not going to the same well of storytelling tricks (time travel paradoxes) over and over, people who can create a character and allow that character to grow and change in a realistic fashion, people who are not obsessed with big-breasted pouty-lipped wasp-waisted women. (Yes, Jeri Ryan can act, and quite well. Let's be honest; that's not why she was hired.)

I don't care if it's Roddenberryverse or Abramsverse or Cotoverse or "let's pick a well-written novel off AO3 every week and do that"-verse. But not the Bs.
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