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Originally Posted by Chancellor Valium View Post
The reason the Master didn't continue was purely because Delgado died. In any case, you're trying to work them up as though they were deliberately set pieces in the mould of the new series - which they weren't. The Fourth actually only faced the Sontarans twice in 7 years as well - for a combined 90 mins, half of which is generally considered the most awful waste of time put together in the history of the programme.

If anything, what characterised Tom's tenure were the gothic horrors of the Hinchcliffe/Holmes production team, and later the Key to Time season.

And if that's what RTD is doing, it's a rather silly plan, I must say. In any case, he's leaving in time for series five - thank Kroll...
Like I said, not my theory! It's on other websites. And yeah, i know the 4th only faced the Sontarans twice, but one of them had them almost conquering his homeworld! But you're missing the point with the characterization stuff. I don't think they were saying he was using the most defining things from each series - if he was, then I would have expected series one and two to be in black and white. And I mean, K9 and Sarah was brought back in series two. The Macra in series three. Clearly he's not following things exactly. But - possibly - he decided beforehand, the major baddies from each of the Doctors eras, to use in each series. I mean it does kinda work out, right? The Daleks were the most shown in the first Doctors time? The Cybermen, were shown twice in the second Doctors time - one being a 6 parter and having some iconic scenes in it, mainly Cybermen marching down London streets (remind you of any series two episodes?)! I can't think of another second Doctor Baddie shown more than once. The third Doctor's baddie was the Master though and though. (And I hear there was a story that Delgado only wanted his Master to be in it one more time, and to be killed off, maybe saving the Doctor?) And as for the 4th Doctor I can't think of any other baddies in it more than once except the Sontarans and Davros! Yeah there was the Key to time and the black guardian stuff, but it's not that well known. Anyway, RTD did say, he always planned to have the Daleks first, Cybermen second, the Master third, and others after that. Maybe it is all coincidence, but, it all fits well. And I don't think it's totally awful.. So he might have sat down and listed from each series which major baddies to bring back? At least he had a plan! Saying that though, I have thought of a 5th Doctor baddie! The black guardian!
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