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LEAH: Now, we've managed to maintain energy but we can't leave it in this realignment forever without burning out components, so we need to move quickly.

Understatement of the year, but you're not just burning out components, you're also cracking the dilithium beyond usability. And I doubt you can recrystallize dilithium while the warp core is in use.

DATA: Aceton assimilators are a primitive generator which can drain power from distant sources.

If the power is being routed from distant sources, it's not really being "generated." I'd expect Data to be more thoughtful of his language, if he's going to lecture Riker on "sucked out" versus "blown out."

LEAH: You can just increase the speed of the parallel subspace field processor to gain a quicker response time.
LAFORGE: I want to give us enough power to strengthen the shields and barrel out of here, not blow us up!

I get what Leah intend, stay one step away from the dampening field by scrambling frequencies. When the processor detects dampening, change the frequency. I fail to see how what he says corresponds to what she said. If Geordi is implying that more speed=more power consumption=overheating, these lines could've been written better.

PICARD: Is there any indication of a weakness in a specific part of the field? WORF: Nothing substantial, Captain. PICARD: Of any kind. WORF: There is a point one percent dip in the strength of the radiation field at two one mark eight by four two mark zero. PICARD: I want that point one percent.

A prime example of how wanting to do something, anything, can be tremendously foolhardy. I wouldn't waste limited energy on point one percent.

LAFORGE: We won't be able to maintain energy reserves. We might even lose a few circuits in the new configuration.

What? Again, energy can LEAVE the ship just fine, it's just being negated and absorbed. The best explanation I can think of is that firing phasers would provide a lightning-rod effect for the dampening energy, leading it back to the ship.

COMPUTER: Energy reserves reaching critical stage. Standard procedure requires termination of all simulations. LAFORGE: Computer, override standard procedure. COMPUTER: Override authority restricted.

Only Picard can override? Why can't Geordi override, he's Chief Engineer! This is a cheap way to create a precommercial crisis.

RIKER: Computers have always impressed me with their ability to take orders. I'm not nearly as convinces of their ability to creatively give them. PICARD: You know, Number One, you missed something not playing with model ships. They were the source of imaginary voyages, each holding a treasure of adventures. Manning the earliest space craft, flying a aeroplane with only one propeller to keep you in the sky. Can you imagine that? Now the machines are flying us.

The computer is ordering nothing but itself, creativity doesn't come into it. I am glad that Picard is still sore about the bottle ship snub. Even so, his sentiment seems like more of a TOS message than TNG.

RIKER: All hands, this is Commander Riker. We are about to engage impulse engines for a short burst. Inertial dampers are on manual. They may not fully compensate for acceleration. So brace yourselves.

Why are the dampeners on manual? I can't imagine dampeners on manual use that much less power than dampeners on automatic.

DATA: Sir, the gravitational attraction of the various masses has reduced our velocity by eight percent. By my calculations, we no longer have sufficient momentum to clear the debris field. PICARD: Thank you, Mister Data. DATA: The asteroid's gravity is drawing us closer. Velocity is increasing. Velocity still increasing. Now at two hundred and nineteen metres per second. Starboard aft thruster. You have used the asteroid's gravitational pull as a slingshot. Excellent.

A cheap crisis if you ask me, but I guess it was intended to add spice to the scene.

RIKER: Mister Worf, ready photon torpedoes. Set to detonate on impact with the Promellian vessel.

Um, the Promellian ship isn't the problem, and it belongs in a museum! Surely now that we're outside the field we can destroy the assimilators one by one from the outside in!

The Fiver

Data, decode the signal coming from that derelict warship. It says: "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." Must be a translation error. I'm beaming over there. Riker:

Obliviousness in fiver characters, you gotta love it. You've never truly experienced Dante's Inferno until you've read it in the original Promellian!

Guinan: How did your date with Christi go?
La Forge:It was a flop. She said I'm a klutz with women.La Forge:
Guinan: Maybe you'd have better luck with those twin cadets who came aboard last week.
La Forge: The Delaney sisters? Hmm....

I didn't think this would work in the timeline, but it does. Since I can't find a birth year for the Kramer twins who played the Delaneys, let's assume the Delaneys were born in the same year as Harry Kim: 2349. Booby Trap is set in 2366. Seventeen is a little young, but pushing them a few years older isn't a big deal.

Leah: Greetings Commander La Forge. I am Dr. Brahms.
La Forge: Computer, make her more realistic.
Leah: Hi Geordi! I'm Leah! I bet you're a real klutz with women.
La Forge: Computer, on second thought....

"Computer, I said 'realistic', not 'insulting'!"
"Holodeck accuracy to commands decreases with the total ship's power."
"So that's why Voyager's holodecks are always breaking, huh?"

Picard:You've been romancing a holographic woman in the middle of a crisis?
La Forge: Hey, it works for Barclay.

"But Barclay is a comic relief guest star, not a main character. You should know that the only main character allowed to to that is the captain."
"What about Minuet?"
"The Binars hacked the script that week, it doesn't count."

La Forge: I hope I can meet the real you someday.
Leah: I hope I can meet the real me someday too.
La Forge: If that happens, could you sorta not mention the kissing part?
Leah: Why not? I'd love to see the look on my face when I do.
La Forge: Computer, end program and replicate me some aspirin.

Aspirin? Why not a drink or a hammer to hit himself with?

Memory Alpha

* First Trek episode directed by a woman. That's really sad...
* Alexander was born around this time.

Nitpicker's Guide

* Phil wonders how the core could be installed only a year before the Enterprise was launched. Odd, but not impossible, as the warp core has an ejection tube that it could possibly be installed through.
* Phil thinks that the fifty/fifty odds of success in turning over control comes from the two tests shown on screen. What an idiot, of course Geordi was running simulations before the scene started!
* If the first away team had to turn on the lights on the Promellian cruiser, how could the artificial gravity still be on? Another place where spacesuits with gravity boots would've been a good idea.
* Even after the lights on the ship were set to minimum levels, they were still turned on for the model in the exterior shots. Oops.
* If Starfleet knows this is the site of the final battle, how come they never found the Promellian cruiser before?
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