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Oh, boy, the next Nintendo console...

From the way the press releases sound, Nintendo isn't even keeping it's head above water making Revolutions. Think about it, if they were really together than scalpers wouldn't be making oodles of money on the secondary market, would they?

Of course, where can Nintendo go now with a new console anyway? Of course even they have to admit that graphics somewhere on par with their contemporaries is a must, as TV technology increases by leaps and bounds. One innovation that comes to mind is some kind of sensor system. Couldn't they invent a set of wireless sensors to attach to your hands, feet, and head to sort of take the Wiimote to the next level? Make a motion as if you're turning your head to the right, and the camera moves to the right. Run in place, and your character moves faster. The hand sensors would let you make karate chops and your character would do the same. Or you could balance a virtual basketball on your finger. Or put a hand to your forehead and the camera would zoom in on the background, enabling you to "see" farther. Heck, hear an enemy behind you and make a backhanded punch. I love seeing backhanded punches.
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