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Truly one of the classic Trek novels, written by the immortal Peter David. My major nitpick is that the description of the three timelines should've been up front and all of the character's names should've had the letter designations after them.

Universe A: Takes place during the first year of the Enterprise-D's mission. Wesley dies and Jack lives. Jack and Beverly are divorced, and she's sleeping with Picard. Riker married Deanna and was captured by the Romulans before he knew she was pregnant. Worf was never adopted by the Roshenkos, so he was raised as a Klingon. Data is no longer an android, he's a positronic brain in a human body (presumably cloned from Dr. Soong). Oh, and he has a secret relationship with Tasha. Geordi was never an engineer, he got cloned eyes and became the head nurse. Jack Crusher is captain and Picard is first officer because Crusher saved the Stargazer via the Crusher Maneuver.

Universe B: The regular NextGen universe somewhere in Season Seven. Takes place after Parallels 'cause Worf isn't phased by parallel universes.

Universe C: A variant of the Klingon War timeline from "Yesterday's Enterprise." The main difference is that Trelane's interference has delayed the Enterprise-D's arrival in the Typhon Expanse, meaning that everyone on board the Enterprise-C is dead. Upon realizing that had things been a little different the war could've been prevented, Picard goes completely insane.
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