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Default Stargate: Universe

I read this forum regularly. Yes, indeed, very regularly. >_>

Ahem, anyway. Stargate: Universe, the gritty, dark, mature, gritty, mature, dark, mature, dark, gritty version of Stargate set on an ancient Ancient ship that's falling apart, and starring Edward James Olm- uhh, Robert Carlyle. Anyone else watched it?

I thought the first three eps were... OK. But not much more than ... OK. It's not quite SG, not quite BSG. It's a kind of bSG, almost. Or maybe not. There aren't many corridor scenes, and the whole set-up is slow, but is probably (hopefully) leading to something good. I just hope it's not all going to be exploring emotions and backgrounds, and fixing bits that are falling off. Because that space setting shouldn't just be for a pretty background. >_>

More on that story later; your thoughts?
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