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Default January 7

Welcome back as Five-Minute Anime breaks into the new year! Today, filling in the fifth question mark on the front page, we have a more obscure target -- Nana: Seven of Seven. It's a light comedy anime from the creator of Sgt. Frog in which young Nana is accidentally split into seven copies of herself. (Fun fact: their voices are all different in the original, but Veronica Taylor does them all in the dub. You know her as Ash Ketchum.) Here's...

Five-Minute Seven of Seven

-- HEY! What the hell was THAT?

I don't get it. It wasn't supposed to be about Voyager. Where did this overlong dialogue piece a la The Disbanding come from, and what did it do with my anime fiver?

Something weird is going on here...

Well, anyway, I'm off to a math conference, but be here when I get back for the filling in of that final question mark!

[Side note: We're getting a lot of traffic right now from Chris's Invincible Super-Blog. Why? Because of my entry in Chris's fifth-anniversary contest (the second one of these I've entered). There'll be a proper update for it later.]
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