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Now this is more like it! Sorry I whined about the low turnout earlier.

Originally Posted by Tate View Post
Not every shadow, but any shadow... (cue creepy music).
You wouldn't believe how long I spent deciding how to word that bit. (Btw, hope you noticed the next line...)

Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
Actually, I didn't. My fandom of Lucky Star is completely external.
So you've only heard the theme, not seen it? Or did you see different subs? The line I referenced was "Seeraa fuku da kara desu ketsuron", which usually gets subbed as "'Cause it's a sailor uniform, Q.E.D.!"

I'm assuming your point is that you fived something that wasn't technically an anime. For that, I call foul. You can't call it Five-Minute Anime unless it's supposed to be a fiver of an anime.
Only now, at the end, do you understand... or rather, only at the end WILL you understand.

But this wasn't a fiver. It's like 493 times too long.

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