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Hmm, no guesses so far about the final series? (Check the front page to see what I mean.)

Originally Posted by MaverickZer0
Potential for Voyager/Doctor Who crossover: totally fulfilled.
True, but the point is that Janeway means her Doctor. I've been looking for a chance to make that joke. As for crossovers, I do have one on the backburner involving DW -- you wouldn't believe the other series if I told you.

Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm View Post
Pfft, theoreticians. Another pass through a prism will sort them out. Er. Unsort them in? (Well, OK, maybe not Black Lant^H^H^H Seven, but there's always dark current in any instrument. You just have to subtract her out with the baseline)
Yeah, but since this is the transporter we're talking about, it could be way the hell more complicated. Fictional technology is convenient for plotting. (And hey, you're following Blackest Night?)

Chakotay: So what did you do? Vaporize them? Give 'em the airlock?

Bandpass filter.

Took me a sec to realize what that was, then I laughed enough to betray my own nerd status. To anyone who somehow didn't already know, that is.

A comic? I didn't know you could dr--oh. Never mind.
A zing, I do declare it. That said, be sure to read the contest rules. Artistic skill is almost discouraged.

Nice update, Zeke. How's it feel to be back in the saddle?
Not sure whether you mean the recent updating or the math conference, but either way -- it feels good. REAL good.
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