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Yeah, but since this is the transporter we're talking about, it could be way the hell more complicated. Fictional technology is convenient for plotting. (And hey, you're following Blackest Night?)
The transporter magically fixes everything at the end of the episode, especially if it caused the problem in the first place. Unless you're implying Banana Whatsername isn't up to the same standard as Scotty or Geordi or O'Brien?

(Not really following, since I don't buy comics, but I got the introductory issue on Free Comics Day and I've been reading up on the background on the DC wiki. I thought Indigo was going to be Altruism to balance Avarice until I saw they'd written Compassion in very tiny, very missable font. All the colours either side of Green seem to be opposites, or opposites once removed (Love and Anger (nearly hate), Fear and Hope, Compassion and Avarice (nearly Selflessness and Selfishness)).

Took me a sec to realize what that was, then I laughed enough to betray my own nerd status. To anyone who somehow didn't already know, that is.
Wish I'd told you that in person, then.

A zing, I do declare it. That said, be sure to read the contest rules. Artistic skill is almost discouraged.
Really? In that case, maybe I should enter. My stick figures look terrible.

Not sure whether you mean the recent updating or the math conference, but either way -- it feels good. REAL good.
The updating. If you're gonna keep this up, I may have to actually write something for my subsite anniversary.
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