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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
Sloppy, Z. Really sloppy.
No, that's just regular sloppy. Really sloppy is leaving something like this in the DVD version of your show. (That's supposed to be a lacrosse stick. It looks normal in the other shots.)

Nate: You know what else is sloppy? Watching anime when you should be finishing the event.

Zeke: *grin* Yeah! And so was expecting actual feedback instead of nitpicking!

Nate: *big grin* Boy, Zeke, talking about this update sure is exciting!

Zeke: *ecstatic* IT SURE IS, NATE!

Nate: *glare*

Zeke: *glare*

The Band: Five-Minute Anime Update Thread Small Talk Moment!

(That was a little Conan O'Brien tribute. If you're not familiar with the bit in question, watch this, or if that doesn't work, this abbreviated one.)

Btw, I know the references in this list were even more obscure than usual. The links in the disclaimer should help (I thought about putting them in the list itself, but it would've been too obtrusive). As for the front-page question marks, there's an unhelpful hint in the newspost which will make sense after the fact. Mav had some good ideas in the Jan. 7 thread, but I don't think he noticed the "The".
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