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Wow! That was great. My favorite Enterprise characters, Zero Wing, Metroids, Evil Future Guy; this has everything. Thanks Zeke!
I've waited so long for a felicitious opportunity like this, and at last it's come!
I'll finally be able to abandon this alias and step into the light!
Oh, they told me my mission was impossible. But I knew it wasn't! And now they'll all be answering to me!
...Silik, why do I get the impression that you've lost your enthusiasm for the project?
At the fringe of my consciousness, perhaps.
Gee, I wonder who that could be.
Trip: Sorry. Malcolm's kinda sensitive about his codename.

Adamson: What's wrong with "Yaoi"?

I can just imagine Reed being proud of his foreign-sounding codename until Hoshi explained to him what it meant.

Anyway, great job, Zeke.

And this was up before I went to bed last night. It totally counts as an April Fools joke.
“Allow me to show you the door!” (Points) “Look. The door. It’s the wooden thing with the knob.” –Pancho, The Asparagus of La Mancha , VeggieTales

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To God be the glory. ><>
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