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(There's a long silence. Then Silik, taking advantage of his Suliban flexibility, kicks himself in the head.)
I found this inexplicably hilarious, both the setup and the image.

Trip: Aw, c'mon! How about the one where he's from a planet where all the trees have epilepsy?
Damn you, TVTropes! I can't remember if it was someone here or the Irregular Webcomic guy that got me hooked, but I swear I shall have my revenge for all the time that's been sucked into that black hole of "Hey, I actually remember watching that episode."

But I digress.

Silik: *sigh* This has become much stupider than I was prepared for.
Is it wrong to feel sorry for the villain? I'm sure there's a TVTropes page to explain why or why not.

(most quotes to come as they surmount the lethargy activation barrier)

Excellent job, Zeke. You keep this up and you're going to shame me into actually writing a fiver.
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