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We lost Goosefood on the way back.
Darn, I liked him. The writers should've kept his character around. Even though I couldn't tell you when his other appearance(s) were . . .

Adamson: Wait! You'd better know what you're heading into. The automated defenses on this starbase are a little... unorthodox.

Reed: Oh, we know. You have robots, mounted cannons, moving force fields, rooms that fill up with acid...

Adamson: You know about that?

Trip: We paid attention to that part of the briefin'. It was cool.

T & M's attitudes/personalities, and everything connected with them, are quite funny. I got a big kick out of the two monsters' cameos as well.

Adamson: That's not a dog!

Trip: What's it look like? An inverted capital G?
I was reading back through those archives just a few days ago. (Hmm, come to think of it, the last initials of Trip and Malcolm match up.)

Also liked Silik's "classy" bit and kicking himself.
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