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Thanks for the praise, and happy Easter to all! The next update will be an event-wrapup article; it'll include, among other things, a crash course on The Dirty Pair and why I chose it for this final parody. After that we'll be back to normal business.

By the way, didn't anybody look at the front page?

evay: Heh, this is why I said wait'll you see the next update. Glad you liked it. I definitely had fun writing for the ENT characters again.

Tate: Good catch! I wondered if anyone would notice that.

Wowbagger: It brings me great satisfaction that somebody gets my Paul Simon jokes. Funny mp3! (But I couldn't help but notice the writer made the same mistake I nearly made -- "You know what you doing" is not someone else questioning the captain, it's the captain encouraging his pilots.)

Regarding TV Tropes: Yeah, I've been a troper since the site was much smaller and less of a thing. I liked it better back then, but it's still fun. I had to do a shoutout to Epileptic Trees since one of the first things I posted at TVT was my real theory about the Evil Future Guy. (And you guys know Nate made us a page, right? He's been working steadily on it, and I'm sure he'd appreciate any help.)

NAHTMMM: Holy crap, someone got the Triangle & Robert joke!
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