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Default What the hell is this?

It's amazing what turns up when you vanity Google yourself.

This book appears to be a compilation of random magic words that some dude has stolen off the Internet. The weirdest part is that I stole that "magic word" from the fora (I also stole from Arabian Nights, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Sesame Street). He makes a half-assed attempt at citation, but attributes the quote to the "author" (my screen name, despite the fact my real name is at the bottom of the page along with the copyright declaration) rather than the character speaking, and simply lists the title of the fiver with no attempt to provide a URL, the name of the site, the date accessed or any explanation at all as to what "Five Minute Body Parts" is. Taken out of context, it sounds like some sort of Prosthetics While You Wait service. I wonder if this counts towards my Cited By total.

This find is much more entertaining than that Argentinian website that translated one of my fivers into Spanish. Apparently it was hilarious, judging by all the "jajajajaja"s. I can't remember which one it was, but I thought it was fairly mediocre in English.
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