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S1 was amazing. S2 was okay -- I just got the DVDs, and I really think they should have stuck with the alternate storyline which was cancelled by the writers' strike (Peter doesn't stop Adam from releasing the plague, and he, Nathan, and Matt are quarantined in Odessa). S3 started meh but got much much better after Bryan Fuller returned.

I almost gave up on the show at the end of S3 after the POINTLESS AND COMPLETELY FIXABLE death of Nathan, but my husband convinced me to keep going, and I'm glad I did. The Sylar/Nathan storyline was actually one of the most interesting ones the show has had, Samuel and the carnival made for intriguing villains, and HRG just kept getting cooler.

Hubby and I did have a thought about a possible spinoff: Peter, working as an EMT, each episode has someone he could potentially save with his ability of the week. But he has to decide what he keeps and what he gives up. It's really cool to have healing... but it wipes him out to the point where he can't function. It's really cool to be super-fast... but that doesn't save someone who already drowned. And so on. Lots of potential for actual drama, as well as room for humor, character development, romance, and Angela to stop by and annoy the crap out of her son on a regular basis. Plus anyone else in the Heroesverse can drop in and out as need be.
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