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Man, that was fast! And considering how slow this thread usually is, I'll make an exception and count that as a win even though it named only the source, not the episode that used it. TNG's "The Defector" opened with a scene from Henry V that Data was taking part in on the holodeck at Picard's direction (he thinks Shakespeare will give Data a window on the human condition, as he has for so many actual humans). What's particularly fun about that scene is that Patrick Stewart is in it twice! He plays both Picard and Michael Williams, and using Shakespeare in the first place was his idea (unsurprisingly, given his background). They had originally planned to do another Sherlock Holmes scene, but the Conan Doyle estate had taken notice after Season 2 and gave TNG some legal trouble that took till Season 6 to sort out.

Now here's the story I promised. Way back in 2001, when I went to Toronto Trek (and wrote a con report), one of the events was a Babylon 5 quote contest. It worked much like this thread, but playing for points instead of the right to choose the next quote (the organizers did that). I wasn't there the whole time, but I caught the end -- and it proved to be my finest hour.

The final quote was as follows: "That does it! This is the very, very last straw! I demand to know who's responsible for this!"

We must have been guessing for ten minutes. I made at least two wrong guesses myself. There were at least 20 devout fans in the room, B5 was only five seasons long, and this single, memorable-sounding quote was just creaming us. The organizers had warned us it was hard, and they dropped hints that we were thinking about it wrong, but we got nowhere.

None of us wanted to stop when time ran out (except the organizers, who were clearly getting frustrated), but there was no choice. And THEN! It suddenly hit me -- the only thing it could possibly be. It was Daffy friggin' Duck! One of the main characters (my favourite), Michael Garibaldi, is a big Looney Tunes fan, and since B5 was a Warner Bros. show, they were able to show him watching old Daffy shorts in a couple of episodes. One of them was the classic "Duck Amuck", the epic battle between Daffy and his cartoonist... which ends with him demanding to know who's behind the brush (Bugs, of course), and there's the quote.

I got the episode wrong. They let me have it anyway.
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