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Originally Posted by PointyHairedJedi View Post
I chuckled; the real thing sounds baffling enough that I'm surprised you could make enough sense of it to five it, Tate...
Just be glad I didn't five the series itself. I couldn't even make sense of that. This sequel movie is more than complex enough for a fiver.
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Nice touch, Zeke.
I'm glad you guys like my fiver. Maybe someday I'll five something that isn't hopelessly obscure.

Here's a suggestion: try to find all the references I've included in the fiver. The "Zero Wing" reference is pretty obvious, but I've also included references to Mega Man and Death Note, and a few shout outs to TVTropes. Incidentally, my sister is a fan of all three. (Bonus points if you figure out why I put some of these references in the lines of certain characters).
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