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RAL: Well, Mister Riker's placed a great deal of emphasis on defence, a subject he obviously knows well, having served Starfleet in a number of conflicts. Now, the Chrysalians, we're enemies to no one, and we choose to remain that way. Neutral.
RIKER: Neutral, and uninvolved, sir, in virtually all interstellar matters of consequence.

What's the point of this exchange? All I can conclude is that Riker is implying that the Chrysalians are cowards for not picking sides. Another example of racism. What if the Chrysalians believe in avoiding conflict? Would Riker still insult them?

TROI: Devinoni Ral. Who are you?
RAL: Well, what do your Betazoid senses tell you about me?
TROI: Not much. My human physical response must be blocking them out.
RAL: Good.
TROI: It never happened to me before.

The notion that physical arousal can block her empathy is a little icky in addition to the contradiction. The whole Imzadi thing implies that Betazoids can form some form of mental bond with their mates. And even besides the formal bond, you'd think telepaths would form a stronger mental connection with their mates due to familiarity and longer contact.

CRUSHER: You're unusually limber this morning.
TROI: I'll say. Devinoni Ral. It's ridiculous, and wonderful. I feel completely out of control. Happy. Terrified. But there's nothing rational about this.
CRUSHER: Who needs rational when your toes curl up?

For the eighties, this seems a little racy.

TROI: Why haven't you told anyone you're an empath?
RAL: Because I find it makes people uncomfortable.
TROI: I think you don't tell them so you can gain an advantage.

There are things that a person has a right to keep private and things that they don't. Just being an empath shouldn't make people distrust you. It's what he does WITH his empathic powers that would make people uncomfortable.

TROI: I do it to help my crew, not outmanoeuvre them. And I don't hide that I'm an empath.
RAL: Oh, so you announce it to every alien culture you encounter? Or do you use it to give your side an advantage. Do you tell the Romulan that's about to attack that you sense that he may be bluffing? Or do you just tell it to your Captain?

That's an apples and oranges comparison. She does it for the good of the Federation, he does it for the good of himself.

PICARD: Computer, is the Ferengi Goss still on board the Enterprise?
COMPUTER: DaiMon Goss departed the Enterprise at fourteen hundred hours.

Wouldn't Worf be aware of when he left and informed the captain? What did this accomplish besides making it look like Worf isn't doing his job?

GOSS [on viewscreen]: If the Ferengi cannot have the wormhole, no one will.

I don't think there's a Rule of Acquisition covering destroying something you can't get. This is ludicrous. Ferengi should treat losing a business deal as a learning experience for next time.

GOSS [on viewscreen]: Casualties of war, Commander. My men are prepared to die. Are yours?
TROI: Captain, he's lying. I'm almost sure of it. He doesn't mean what he says.

I thought Troi couldn't read Ferengi, and I have to think that Ferengi body language would be different enough to stop mere observation.

The Fiver

Troi: Computer, check my answering machine.
Computer: You have forty-seven new messages.

You can never have too many 47 references.

Picard: I'd like you to meet our guests for the episode. This is our token diplomat, this is our token victim of a nefarious plot, this is our token weird alien --
Leyor: We have names, you know.
Picard: Sure you do.

Should've stretched the word "sure." Suuuuuure you do.

Computer: Deanna Troi. Species: Half betazoid, half human. Rank: lieutenant. Current assignment: counsellor and stater of the obvious, U.S.S. Enterprise. Current love interest: Devinoni Ral.

Wasn't she a lieutenant commander at the start of the show?

La Forge: I sure hope this works. What if we get stranded on the other side of the wormhole and we're stuck in this shuttle?
Data: Then we will become intoxicated and debate the finer points of Counsellor Troi's figure.
La Forge: Well, that doesn't sound too bad. But what are the odds we'd ever be rescued way out in the Delta Quadrant?
Data: Surprisingly high.

I remember "Shuttlepod One" as one of the better Enterprise episodes that I've seen. T'Pol has a very nice bum, and so forth.

Ral: I, er, I was just stating the obvious.
Troi: Oh, okay... HEY! Stating the obvious? You're part Betazoid!
Ral: Nuts.

Ha ha.

La Forge: As long as we don't get stranded, what's the worst that could happen? Some kind of attack by wormhole aliens?
Data: "Wormhole aliens." Very amusing, Geordi.
La Forge: Yeah. I kill me.

As long as we're making jokes based on Voyager, might as well toss in DS9 as well...

Troi: So, how about some female bonding? I've got a new boyfriend.
Crusher: Why is it you only feel the urge to bond with me when you've got something to brag about?
Troi: Hey, it's not my fault you never get any action.

This seems a little harsh for Troi. It's too bad Tasha isn't around anymore...

Arridor: (over the comm) I'm not going anywhere until I've conducted a thorough scan of all gullible planets in this region. Standard Ferengi procedure.
La Forge: Fine, just don't expect the Federation to come to your rescue if you get stuck out here.

Oh, the irony...

Kol: Oh no! We're stranded in the Delta Quadrant!
Arridor: Relax, Kol, I know what to do in this situation. (ahem) We're alone. In an uncharted part of the galaxy....

He's quoting Janeway. I had to look it up. It could've been a Lost in Space reference for all I knew...

Ral: What if we run away together?
Troi: Say, have you ever met my mother?
Ral: Um....
(Ral runs away at Ludricrous Speed)


Memory Alpha

* First appearance of the four-quadrant organization of the galaxy.
* First appearance of Troi's love for chocolate.
* The Ferengi still think of gold as valuable, but at least their bricks are starting to look like gold-pressed latinum.
* Discovery will have a Barzan Starfleet officer.

Nitpicker's Guide

* Back in "The Naked Now" Data could understand how to search for a definition of a word preceded by "proverbial", but now he can't. Oops.
* Troi acts like a commbadge line isn't opened until the badge is tapped, but the Technical Manual says that comm channels are opened automatically (to cover instances of no tapping, I presume). I prefer that comm channels aren't opened until the badge is tapped, of course. Imagine the embarrassment from hearing something you're not supposed to.
* Phil also asks about Geordi's continual visual contact with the wormhole.
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