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The news article is funny enough to count as a page of content in itself.

Lorhrok: What a bunch of sexist ser-nakes!
Pretty sure I missed this one in the audio version. Anyway, it's all very funny.

It's only fair to note that this (and two or three other things)
Betra-Na: ...Actually, I was just plotting to make a cup of coffee.
Sarga-Gee: Oh.
Betra-Na: Do you want some?
Sarga-Gee: No.
were added in editing by Wowbagger. I don't recall my original ending, but it wasn't nearly as funny as this.

Also, you can put my contact down as nahtmmm_att_gmail_dott_com.

I should listen to "Down the Rabbit Hole" before I read the fiver. I was fiving as I went, and I got a few minutes into that one and just petered out. For that matter, I should go back and listen to the later seasons too, when I get a chance.

"This is a great day for fans everywhere," announced James Heaney, executive producer of Star Trek: Excelsior. "It will be a day long remembered. The wait for this day has felt infinitely prolonged. We will be working with Paramount Pictures to -- oh wait, it's a good day to die too. And it's one of those days when everyone lives. That should cover it.
Yes, it should.

Comedian Louis CK is in talks to play that one guy from "Flashback" who looked like him.

Oh, Wowbagger, you and your realism.

We plan to spend so little on this thing that we can't not make money on it.
Ah, the Houston Astros business model.

"I've already written the novelization of the pilot," said author Diane Carey. "Yes, I know the pilot itself isn't written yet, but I'm long past the point of needing to wait."
I strongly suspect she wrote Ghost Ship before the TNG pilot was written . . . (or is that the joke?)

It is a strange sensation, almost a magnetic force. I don't know precisely what it is, but I call it 'Bill Shatner has been acting again', and I am ready to follow it wherever it leads.

Good Top Ten lists, too.


The Excelsior is caught in the middle of about six TNG episodes. And two of them are "Angel One".
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