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Every so often I do a Gotham Girls marathon. (If you watch the playlist, take note that Season 2, Episode 1 is out of order).

The reactions seem to fall along generational lines. Older people toward the top, younger people toward the bottom:

1. Oh, this is so great, I remember when they were made fifteen years ago!
2. I love the DCAU voices, but the animation could be better.
3. Ugh! Ugly Flash animation! How can anyone enjoy this?

PNQ: Why do some people apply modern technological standards to older products that didn't have said technology available?

You know what I mean. Silent movies gave way to sound, some people thought that all silent movies were worthless and boring. Black and white gave way to color, some people thought all black and white movies were worthless and boring. SD gives way to HD, some people thought all SD movies were worthless and boring. It'll happen again when glasses-free 3D is perfected, count on it.

Gotham Girls was made in 2000-2002, of course the animation looks bad. It was the age of dialup, anything better would've taken forever to download. Heck, one of the first episodes had to be split into two files because it committed the unforgivable sin of being more than three minutes long!

This is the abridged version of the lecture that I had typed up. I was clearly veering off into "young whippersnappers these days" territory.
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