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I've asked for this before?!

Man. I need to remember things.

EDIT: yay! thanks!

Dennas: (over the comm) <Somehow your actions have convinced us you are Kahless's true successor!>
Kol: (over the comm) <We are somehow your loyal followers now!>
T'Kuvma: <Do you have to keep saying "somehow"?>
Klingons: <T'Kuvma the Somehow Unforgettable!>
T'Kuvma: <Eh, I'll take it.>
^ This is the funniest scene.

But this is my favorite scene, because I am bitter:

Brig: (launches Burnham, with her face taking up 93 percent of the screen)
Burnham: Can I speak to the director? I have an idea for how to improve this scene by about 7 percent.

Georgiou: The Klingons think we're helpless. This is our chance to strike!
Saru: Don't they think we're helpless because we are helpless?
Burnham: Not anymore! I'm back!
Georgiou: Saru, remind me, do we have any other brigs or just the one?
Best joke construction:

Voq: <I can't believe you're dying! I was sure you were being set up for at least a season!>
T'Kuvma: <Carry on for me... and remember... Remain Klingon!>
(T'Kuvma dies)
Voq: <Well, at least that's an easy last wish to carry out. What else would I do?>
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