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Lex: Lana's going to be okay. Like always.
Clark: That's good. It's good she's got her old room back too.
Lex: Yeah, #3. It's her favorite.

Lex: I hate my father and everything he stands for!
Duncan: That's not a very heroic attitude. We should do noble and honorable things for the less fortunate.
Lex: My dad will hate it... Let's do it!
Duncan: I'm glad to see your altruism guide your decision.
Good ol' Teen Angst (tm)

Clark: So Lex is getting attacked too, and it all seems to revolve around some kid named Duncan. What's going on, Oliver?
Oliver: Okay, okay. Let's bend over this Pensieve together.
Clark: That's your sink.
Oliver: Just do it.

Clark: So Lionel. Tell me about Duncan. Someone's been avenging themselves on Duncan's behalf. Is it a family member? Is it a friend? Or is it Duncan himself?
Lionel: Duncan's dead.
Clark: That's never stopped anyone before.
Lionel: Okay, okay, maybe we've been giving him kryptonite injections. But only because everything on the show uses kryptonite.
A kryptonite zombie? Haven't they done that already?

Oliver: Saved Lex. Still conscious. Talk about some outrageous good luck.
Arrow: THWACK!
Oliver: GAH! Now I've suffered the arrows of my outrageous fortune!
BOOOOOOOOOOO! You were in rare form for this one.
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