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Okay, first of all those were good. Second of all, I'd define a story as anything with a plot, so those count.

Never really thought of stories as "reeking" with an author's voice before. Maybe "screaming," but not reeking.

So Zeke would be "Life too long. Funnier if shorter."?

Pride and Prejudice: Everyone's snooty. Better off paired off.
Treasure Island: Kid found map. Island very dangerous.
Sense and Sensibility: Everyone's snooty. Better off--um, nevermind.
Much Ado About Nothing: Kids easily duped. Snipers better mated.
Romeo and Juliet: Feuds are stupid. So are kids.
Hamlet: People talk too much before dying.
Robin Hood: Stealing, giving, and arrows are fun.
A Midsummer Night's Dream: Kids easily duped. Snipers better--uh, yeah...
A Christmas Carol: Scrooge boring. Ghosts scary. Giving good.

And TV Shows!

Cheers: Barflies fun. Barmaids like being harpies.
Friends: Friends good. Quips better. Coffee best.
Home Improvement: Power bad. Hugs good. Wilson omniscient.
Star Trek: Boldly going fun. Everything has morals.
mudshark: Nate's just being...Nate.
Zeke: It comes nateurally to him.

mudshark: I don't expect Nate to make sense, really -- it's just a bad idea.

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Crow T. Robot: Oh, stop pretending there's a plot. Don't cheapen yourself further.
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