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Zeke, *I* didn't get one of those cars. They wouldn't even let me drive it. They wouldn't even let me *touch* it. I think I'm too tall for it, anyway. Oh, and that hot girlfriend is only 17. Ten year age gaps are icky at the best of times, but especially so when the word "teen" is involved.

Valium: train? First off, all the passenger trains seem to have gone bellyup up in my neck of the woods, secondly, the commercial didn't pay enough for a first-class ticket (plus I'm a miser), and thirdly, unlike your postage-stamp country (where most of my ancestors come from) where you can ride the city bus from one end to the other, travel by train in this endless country takes a long, long, long time. It's planes or nothing, and WestJet doesn't sell first class tickets.
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