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Originally Posted by Infinite Improbability View Post
I do rent movies at the library, VHS and DVD, too many of them in fact, but you can only find kiddie movies and classics that have artistic and historical value there, i.e. the Astaire/Rogers musicals that I love so much.

We haven't fived A New Hope yet?
My library used to be the same way, but it added a lot of movies to its collection when it moved to a new building a few months ago. Still it doesn't have as big a collection as a video store, so it would be difficult to get a movie like Independence Day.

Oh, and there is a fiver for A New Hope . Episodes One and Two haven't been fived yet, though. I wouldn't mind fiving one of them, if anyone else is interested. Maybe they're not as good as the other Star Wars movies, but that just means there's more to make fun of, meaning that they're better targets for fiving. Right?
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