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PHJ, I've got an English major (specifically a creative writing major). I'm about 3/4 finished writing my first novel. I intend to write many more. You won't find many people these days who read as much, or who lament the declining interest people have in books as often as I do.

That said (and I'm really not aiming this at you), I really get pissed when intelligent people get grumpy about video games and their popularity. I love books. I love movies. I love music. And I love video games. And I feel very strongly that all can exist in the same intellectual sphere without infringing upon eachother's relative importance. It's been long enough that our society has accepted film as an artform and placed the cultural significance of movies at the same level as poems and novels in the past. But video games are a newer art (yes, I said art), and they've yet to fully mature in this respect. Still, it's quite an interesting journey and I'm enjoying the maturation the video game industry is going through. Sooner or later it'll be on the same level and the older folks will be lamenting some newer, hipper upstart. Mark my words.

Until then, any critical belittling of video games, or any assertion or implication that books are inherently superior just strikes me as cultural snobbery.

Ahem. Sorry. Rant over.

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