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And for that matter, I plan to bring along books as well. This flight is the first flight I'm going to be taking since buying a DS, and before that I always brought a few books with me. I don't see why that should change.

Normally on flights I take along books which I've already read and which are easy reads so the constant interruptions and general fatigue I get from long flights don't make the reading a chore. A videogame would also provide a useful distraction without being too taxing. Even outside flying there have been many times when I've found myself too asleep to properly pay attention to a book, but still awake enough to play a videogame. And videogames are normally engrossing enough that I can ignore my sleepiness for awhile. Certainly a useful benefit on a long flight.

By the way, my defense does not mean I didn't enjoy your satire, PHJ.
"Please, Aslan," said Lucy, "what do you call soon?"
"I call all times soon," said Aslan; and instantly he vanished away and Lucy was alone with the Magician.
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