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Default Doctor Who: The Smithening

So the Eleventh Doctor's adventures have now begun! Took me by surprise -- I assumed the wait would be at least six months.

"The Eleventh Hour" (cute, Stephen) is a new beginning in several ways. We've got a new Doctor, played by Matt Smith; a new companion, Amy, with a new supporting cast (it's a safe bet we'll see them again); a whole new TARDIS interior since the Tenth Doctor decided to trash the place; a new look-and-feel (title sequence, onscreen fonts and such); and a new head honcho, Stephen Moffat.

I'm guessing not much will change with Moffat's takeover. It's like when Brannon Braga became Voyager's showrunner in Season 5 -- he'd already been writing half the episodes for years, so it wasn't some wild change in direction. Moffat wrote many of the Tenth Doctor's defining episodes, and his style is a lot like RTD's. (He lacks some of Davies' bad habits, but he has some of his own to make up for it.) In fact, so far I find the Eleventh Doctor too much like the Tenth, especially his dialogue. But he's bound to grow out of it.

More from me later, perhaps. What did you folks think?
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